Shared Hosting

  • Databases hosted on FileMaker Server 14
  • FileMaker Pro Remote Access
  • 10Mbps bandwidth
  • 1GB database space
  • Web-based admin
  • 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 & 40 database offerings

From £11.90 per month (+vat)

£50 set up (+vat)

Shared FileMaker Hosting

Your database will be professionally hosted in our world class hosting centre providing fast, reliable and secure service ... 24x7.

FileMaker 14 Server

Your database will be hosted on FileMaker Server 14 – Please note that WebDirect is not available on Shared Hosting.

Data Transfer per month

Unlimited data transfer per month at 10Mbps bandwidth - Plenty for the average shared FileMaker hosting user.

Database allowance

From 5 FileMaker databases

Disk Space

From 1GB for your databases

Modern Servers

Regularly upgraded major brand hosting servers - Providing reliable high speed service.

Fully protected power supplies

External power from unique local power station plus world class UPS plus high power diesel generators - Extremely unlikely that our servers will fail due to power supply interruption. Much higher protection than the average office's power supply.

Full physical security

All servers protected by multi-layer physical security, fire detection and suppression, CCTV coverage and ISO computer security measures - Extremely small chance of servers being stolen, tampered with or damaged.

Full network security

High quality firewalls backed up by monitoring of suspicious port activities - Positive anti-hacking systems to thwart all but the most determined hackers.

Low risk hosting location

Hosting centre based outside major areas of risk in the UK - Less risk of catastrophe than London or other major city hosting centres.

Full database protection

Databases backed up daily, plus further backed up to external devices with off-site storage - Real peace of mind. Data there when you need it.

Full time monitoring

All servers, plus the network connections are constantly monitored. Positive double checking of connectivity from 6 global network monitoring stations - If there is a problem we will know about it and take steps to correct it.


Phone and web based support systems - If you have a problem we will be there to provide assistance and information.