Setting up your FileMaker database for HostFileMaker


In order for your FileMaker database to be accessible over the Internet, certain options must be set correctly within FileMaker Pro.

FileMaker have produced a series of videos which help users to make these changes. They can be viewed below.

FileMaker Network

Enabling FileMaker Network sharing allows other users to access your hosted database through FileMaker Pro.

Instant Web Publishing

FileMaker’s unique "Instant Web Publishing" lets you access your FileMaker Pro database, through a standard web-browser, without the need to programme any web pages. Your database will be displayed in much the same way you see it using FileMaker Pro.


ODBC / JDBC support provides a means of connecting to FileMaker databases from a large variety of third-party applications and programming languages. This system can be enabled in much the same was as Instant Web Publishing by instead selecting 'ODBC / JDBC' from the sharing menu.