FileMaker Server - Custom Hosting


Extending your FileMaker Server Hosting

Unlike many of its competitors FileMaker Server is a significantly easier database to serve, link, manage and maintain data. However, the server and its FileMaker data must be:

  • Hosted in an appropriate environment.
  • Easily accessible by authorised users.
  • Operated from resilient hardware.
  • Managed and supported by knowledgeable staff.

HostFileMaker, the leading FileMaker hosting experts, are here to help if these are not conditions that your organisation can, or wants to implement. Here’s how?

HostFileMaker has:

  • A wealth of experience
  • Detailed knowledge of FileMaker
  • Extensive understanding of networks
  • Flexibility of delivery
  • HostFileMaker goes the extra mile to meet your organisation's needs
  • HostFileMaker designs, and implements exactly the right custom hosting solution

Custom Options

  • Dedicated Server – we supply and manage the server for you. Either you or we provide the FileMaker Server or FileMaker Advanced application.
  • Co-located Server – you supply the server and software. We simply provide the hosting environment for you.
  • Mission Critical Systems – we build Neverfail for FileMaker Server systems with 2 or more servers. This provides continuous FileMaker availability via automatic, non-disruptive failover for highly reliable information management.
  • FileMaker Serving Consultancy - as a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Partner we are recognised as leading UK FileMaker experts backed up by our extensive knowledge of hosted systems.

Based On

  • World class hosting facilities - in multiple countries if required.
  • Managed backups - backups retained for an agreed period.
  • Support – with over 11 years of hosting experience we usually know or can source an answer to any hosting issue or requirement.

Custom Hosting – Examples

Here are some examples of how HostFileMaker can deliver Custom Hosting:

  • Providing global access for a small organisation
    A small organisation with offices in several countries wants to use a mission critical common database system.
  • HostFileMaker Solution
    HostFileMaker hosts the database on a dedicated server which can be accessed by the organisation’s staff from any country using their own copies of FileMaker Pro.
  • Enabling workgroups to access SQL Server in a large organisation
    A large organisation has a standard policy of using Microsoft SQL Server as the database. This requires workgroups to have specialist applications developed to access a SQL Server database. The cost and potential lack of flexibility of this approach leads a workgroup to conclude that FileMaker Pro is a much better alternative. And the organisation’s IT group may well have no experience with FileMaker Server.
  • HostFileMaker Solution
    HostFileMaker would be the professional choice with fast project delivery, lower cost of development and straightforward future changes as the workgroup’s requirements evolve.
  • Ensuring business recovery for a medium sized company
    A medium sized organisation makes extensive use of FileMaker in-house with users locally and remotely accessing the FileMaker databases it has built. However, users would have no alternative access to the data if disaster such as a fire or flood destroyed the internal server that housed the FileMaker system.
  • HostFileMaker Solution
    Now HostFileMaker can provide that alternative with the data being available immediately if required. In the event of any disaster the organisation can minimise business losses, maintain contact with their customers and keep on track.
  • Presenting stock information for ecommerce customers
    A mail order business has an in-house FileMaker database. Customers place orders by post, phone or a website. The business wants to ensure that customers placing online orders can see up to the minute stock levels.
  • HostFileMaker Solution
    Through linking the in-house and online database information can be easily passed in both directions i.e. stock data to the web, and online orders to the in-house system. If there is already an online MySQL or MS SQL database in place this can also be integrated into such a system

Next Steps ?

Phone us on +44 (0)1753 513 905 and let us know what you are trying to achieve. We will be very pleased to assist you.